Company Profile

  • Scarcity of safe and clean drinking water is a major threat to the population of Pakistan. The available resources of water which constitute both natural and human developed entities provide highly contaminated water unfit for human consumption. Hence a need for clean water suffices. In this context Shaheen Foundation (PAF) has launched a Premium Mineral Water project within Shaheen Complex Karachi premises with brand name “Shaheen Splash”.

    The poor sanitation condition of drinking water in Pakistan and inaccessibility of common man towards this basic necessity at affordable rates, demand focused attention for such a sensitive matter. The vision of Shaheen Splash is to grow as a highly prospective market competitor in the process of Production, Supply and Distribution of safe, hygienic, pure and healthy water recognized by the elite Pakistan Standards authorities such as PSQCA, PCRWR etc. The aim is provide quality water with advantage to all its customers at a much lesser rate compared to its recognized National and Multinational competitors.

    Shaheen Splash has the capacity to produce quality drinking water by filtering and purifying the raw water through its US based most modern “Reverse Osmosis” Plant. The Chemical and Bacteriological Tests of each batch of water is undertaken by well-qualified Chemist / Microbiologist at their Laboratory using state of the art Water Testing Equipment, thus ensuring supply of highly purified & quality safe drinking water essential for human health.

    Shaheen Splash, with PSQCA license to run mineral water business, conducts regular quality tests to ensure the purity of water as per the PSQCA norms. The packaged water that we supply reaches our customers after passing through multiples stages of purification, Ozonation & bottling. The product undergoes various chemical tests for purification before and after water processing. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in all the process plants. We ensure that every drop of water is purified as per international standard.