• Source of Water:

    Water is collected from our own reliable underground source. The Quality testing of the original source is conducted regularly to monitor any abnormalities.

    Pre Treatment :

    Sand filter and five micron sediment pre filter to remove suspended solids, organics.


    During this process unwanted minerals are removed by using membranes.


    Selected minerals are added to cater for consumer taste preferences.

    Micron Filtration:

    Food grade Micro Filtration removes particles as tiny as 0.2 micron. It is also capable of removing the potential microbiological contaminants and is monitored on hourly basis.


    Ozone disinfection is a third disinfection step using a highly reactive form of oxygen.

    Bottling Control :

    The filling room is continuously monitored, controlled and kept highly sanitized to ensure bottling being conducted in a microbiologically controlled environment.

    Packing Control:

    Further to use of the latest modern equipment, designed to ensure removal of any packaging defects, the quality assurance of Packaging is conducted by means of human inspections.